My Grassroots Donations

My Campaign Donations Explained

My opponent has attacked me - claiming that I'm getting Big dollars from special Liberal interest groups from California, Washington, and Austin.

There are Austin Residents that also live in Williamson County and the County Clerk SHOULD be well aware of this, lets take a look at my donations by state.

What am I looking at here?

This chart is based on real-time data of my donations that I've received either through ActBlue or by cash or check in person. It includes donations made for yard signs, buttons, and events. It does not include my personal funds that I have loaned to the campaign.

Wait a Sec! What do you mean you loaned your campaign money?

I've loaned close to $8k to my campaign as needed, when I haven't had campaign contributions from donors to pay for campaign resources. This includes things like campaign Literature and signs, event fees, the billings for my website and access to VAN - where I get my voter information from.

Its common practice for Candidates to loan their campaign money to get it off the ground, and this is a big campaign for a first-time candidate to get off the ground! Many candidates also end up taking loans out on their campaign that have to be paid back; I have not done that. I've been "loaning" the money to my campaign as the need arises, and its come out of my bi-weekly budget. I say "loaning" because I know that ultimately, I'm going to have to eat that cost at the end of my campaign regardless of the result!

By law, we are only required to report funds as loaned to the campaign if they've been spent, even if you've moved money into the campaign to use for a campaign - you don't have to report it. My opponent reported that she loaned her campaign $40k but not that she had spent any money. In the same report, she reported ZERO in contributions. Can you imagine being able to loan that much money into a campaign all at once? I can't!

Ok, so what is up with all those $1 dollar states?

While PCCC and Run for Something haven't made direct contributions to my campaign they do regularly email their donors with a link that lets them donate equally to all their endorsees or endorsees with specific traits (like Women Running, or People running against entrenched 20-year incumbents like me!). This is facilitated through ActBlue and typically results in a donation that is very small to each of the candidates on the list. The largest donation I've ever received through one of these lists in $20.20.

In total, those donations have added up to $67.16 from PCCC donors, and $107.55 from Run for Something donors. (As of 9/13/18)

I still have questions...

I understand completely! Campaign Finance is a real headache, and the laws and regulations around it can be really convoluted. I've only answered the top questions that I thought would be asked, but if you submit a question below, I'll answer you directly and probably update this page to let everyone in on the details.

* If you would like to review my Financial reports they can be found here: